Today Anna Torfs collection is sold in more then twenty five carefully selected shops over seven different countries. All of Anna’s pieces are handmade. Anna’s work is infused with her wonder and how the century old techniques of glass blowing, cutting and sanding can lead to contemporary objects.

Designers: Anna Torfs
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“We buy our antiques in many different regions in China, enabling us to offer our clients an interesting variety of styles. This is our passion and we choose with great care. It is our policy to do all the buying personally and being professional buyers we are familiar with the Western taste for furniture and interior design.” The Antique Express.

Designers: Katy le Blanc & Nina van Toulon
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Armani/Casa was founded in the year 2000 as a separate division, though seamlessly linked to the other “worlds” within the Armani Group, providing a platform for Giorgio Armani to set out his vision of the living space: an intimate and very special place, at one and the same time both comfortable and sophisticated.

Designers: Giorgio Armani
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Asiatides, a European sized company, based in Paris France, is specialized in the import and creation of objects and furniture designed to pay homage to the Asian culture and to its creative genius.

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Since its creation in 1996, Atmosphere d’Ailleurs has been one of the most demanding importers for the condition, authenticity and rarity of the items selected.

Designers: Thierry Grundman
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Founded in 1995 by Frank Lefebvre, Bleu Nature is a craft-based business located near Lille, in Northern France. The principal material is driftwood, but Bleu Nature also uses hemp, pebbles, stones and flat rocks, raw linen, boiled wool or mohair, raffia, teak and slate.

Designers: Frank Lefebvre
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For over 40 years, the firm founded by the Moretti brothers has drawn the attention of the international market due to its distinctive formula, which merges the centennial craftsmanship of the island’s glass masters (handed down from father to son) with contemporary Italian design.

Designers: Carlo Moretti
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With the strength of aesthetic tradition which combines the concept of elegance with that of simplicity, COVO, italian DNA and international roots, has made itself the perfect interpreter of these two terms developing an autonomous and distinctive language, capable of marrying tradition and contemporaneity classicism and avantgarde design.

Designers: Katarina Andersson, Emmanuel Babled, Brigit Balhasi, Tamar Ben David, Jeffrey Bernett, Stephen Burks, Design, Diplomat
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D&M will enhance the look and feel of any home. Our pure materials, natural colours and classy shapes and forms confirm the power of simplicity and harmony in any interior. D&M depot imports from all over the world and its collections are very colourful and harmonious.

Designers: Jiri Vermeulen, Paula Weise, Anja Meeusen, Tinne Debruijne, Judith Bloedjes, Noëlle Obussier
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Dibbern was founded in 1965 and has been one of the leading brands for innovative and timeless tableware ever since. Product designers focus on discreetly congenial lines to combine functionality along with elegance.

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DK HOME in addition to custom-made objects, creates luxury furniture, lighting and accessories in limited editions. These materials are processed and combined in various creative ways.

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Indoor and outdoor furniture and vases from Domani.

Designers: Paul Odekerken, Amandus Vanquaille, JF d’Or, Paul Fastré
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I explore wood in all it’s forms and expressions, creating small sculptures, monumental wall panels and made to measure furniture. The wood is sculpted, burnt, polished. My creations are unique and all made by hand.

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With its century-old know-how, the FdC factory combines its hand-made manufacturing techniques with the noblest raw materials to produce the highest quality products.

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FOS CERAMICHE is an Art and Design Factory that has been creating handmade porcelain objects in Faenza since 1987. Faenza is world famous for its ceramic production: Faenza-faïence. The ceramic art flourished in Faenza, the very centre of pottery production, since 13th century.

Designers: Andri Ioannou, Piero Mazzotti, Giovanni Cimatti, Pastore e Bovina, Designers, Kurt Thut , Benjamin Thut, Daniel Thut, Christian Luber , Sandra Amann, Martin Thut, Daniel Schmid , Erhan Erol , Hansjorg Hofs.
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Frederik Roijé is an international design agency which designs diverse products for brands and for market as for private clients Products created out of love for surprises, curiosity and beauty. New products for a new period in time.

Designers: Frederik Roijé
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Gabriella b. Venice decor. Or ceramic as an object which creates a mood, as an element of luxury in both traditional and modern interiors.

Designers: Gabriella Bottacin
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Original sculptures, antique furniture , ethnological objects, ancient textiles and authentic jewelry.

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GUAXS is a family based, German company which focuses on creating high-quality interior design objects and lighting. Our work is deeply steeped in the research of cultures from ancient to modern time and their common traces. In line with this, GUAXS aims for the maintenance of craftsmanship and its local traditions.

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“Every Henry Dean object is created out of mouth blown and handmade glass. Glass is a real product of nature with a very long history ” – Henry Dean

Designers: Henry Dean
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Since 1989. Herve’ Gambs has been creating room fragrances,furniture and decorative objects for himself and others using natural materials.Passionate about architecture travelling and nature,he is interested in everything that combines complexity with excellence

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Fittings for an exclusive total style. from day to night, components for an ideal of home that reflects, in each room, the glamour and fascination of ivano redaelli: beds, sofas, seats, containers, complements, blankets, cushions. A philosophy that inevitably starts from feelings to meet the individual: precious fabrics such as cachemire, furs, embroidered chamoises with eccentric inserts of fringes and feathers. carpets and matching linen, also for the table and bath. A range of sensations that finally denies the supremacy of the eye: a private world to immagine and plain in each of its components. Inique particulars, couture details, fabulous materials: with interiors, ivano redaelli creates a lifestyle that is never ephemeral, giving essentiality, rigour and fullness to the feeling’s experience in a continuity out of time, always real and actual.

Designers: Ivano Redaelli
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Kartell is one of the main interpreter of industrial design in the field of Italian and International Companies. Kartell strategy is based on the material utilisation and new technologies, on quality as main discriminant.

Designers: Ron Arad, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Patrick Jouin, Ferruccio Laviani,Piero Lissoni, Vico Magistretti, Alberto Meda, Enzo Mari, Paolo Rizzato, Maarten Van Severen, Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola
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“ Normann Copenhagen is a way of living – a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a Stone Hook made of Icelandic stones, a vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made out of plastic.”

Designers: Boje Estermann, Britt Bonnesen, Britt Kornum, Francis Cayouette, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Ole Jensen, Rikke Hagen, Simon Karko, Tom Step.
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OBJET DE CURIOSITE was created in 2001 thanks to Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot. The company has grown, yet has still managed to keep this very curious, relaxed spirit. The new staff, from very atypical backgrounds, are continuing to nurture this concept by seeking out, inventing, and creating.

Designers: Pierre-Emmanuel
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In an area of ancient fabric tradition, the designers family POZZOLI COMI, decided to establish in 2001 the company “POEMO DESIGN”. From material research, creativity and experience, come new ideas for home decoration.

Designers: Enzo Pozzoli, Alessandra Comi, Emanuela Pozzoli.
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Sempre expands its activities. In addition to the standard decoration and furniture collection, Sempre also offers a custom furniture collection.Over the years, Sempre gained broad experience as producer and distributor. Now, Sempre uses that experience for the realization of your specific projects and your designs.

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The original idea bettind Sicis..The first step was taken in 1987 when Sicis decided to turn its full attention to mosaic,sitting the goal of moving this product from the annals of history into the modern age

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The term ” Xyleia “means” wood “in Greek. Xyleia Natural Interiors specializes in exclusive furnishings made from natural materials such as wood and petrified wood. The furnishings are imported from various countries in Asia and North America.

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