(Latin America, Caribbean)

Founded in 1966 with the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in the international world of designer furniture for both home (B&B Italia Home Division) and contract (B&B Italia Contract Division).

The company distinguished itself from its inception for its innovative industrial approach to manufacturing in contrast to the small traditional artisan competitors typical of the sector. Based in Novedrate (Como), north of Milan, the firm’s prestigious headquarters were designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in 1972.

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(Latin America, Caribbean)

Furniture designed for offices, restaurants, hotels and public spaces, featuring B&B Italia’s contemporary spirit. Every product meets the strictest quality standards of the business sector.

Explore the collection of B&B Italia furniture for offices and public spaces, namely sofas, armchairs, chairs, executive systems and conference tables.


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(US, Latin America, Caribbean)

Excellence of materials, love of detail, creativity. This is how you can sum up the philosophy of Casa Casati.

The brand was set up in Milan in 2016, on the initiative of architects Bosco Fair and Emanuele Genuizzi . It’s only through their work that this Italian dream becomes a reality.Classical elegance and contemporary forms combine in a strong and always inimitable mix which is the “Made in Italy”of the very highest quality.


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(Latin America, Caribbean)

The collections combine design elegance and functionality. The choice of wisely mixed materials and the care of details, produce unique objects for the contemporary home.

Essential shapes, clean lines interpreted using materials such as ebony, oak and ash wood, chromed steel, and bronze, aluminium fusions; surfaces that are never uniform, though unique in their material aspect and craftsmanship, thus giving life to objects that are almost unique.

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(Latin America, Caribbean)

Avant-garde, authentic, and focused on excellence, uniting technology and local, manual knowhow: Cassina was founded on shared, solid values determined to express the best Italian and international design has to offer through a coherent, recognisable, and cultured language. Cassina’s peculiar intertwining of words and actions has allowed it to cultivate relationships between culture, craftsmanship and industry, reconcile memory and research, rigour and emotion, uniqueness and experimentation, and interpret daily trends with constant effort dedicated to aesthetics and typology.





(United States, except Florida)

Désirée, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968, based in Tezze di Piave near Treviso. Désirée has been part of the Euromobil Group, which also includes Euromobil kitchens and Zalf furniture, since 1995. The products manufactured by Désirée have been designed to be transformed and moulded to meet contemporary living requirements. This is why Désirée has an in-house Research & Development Department that monitors innovations for as much as concern technology and materials while remaining aware of aspects that more specifically regard design.


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(Latin America, Caribbean)

Harmony and balance amidst iconic items and revisited modern furnishings. The collection, launched in 1975 and coordinated today by Antonio Citterio, expresses the company’s unique style and sophisticated interiors.

Research on modern furnishings conducted by Antonio Citterio leans towards shapes that recall the romanticism of French design between the two world wars. This is how Maxalto’s stylistic traits are born, the landmark brand for interior décor.


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